Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Force Is Strong


…. Right??

Today I was just feeling a little out of sorts. Sometimes I'm just like…"What am I doing here?"

Lol. Flan.

ANYwaaays- I don't like my job. It's not fulfilling. And it's not fun and it's a little lonely.

But then I just have to remember that God loves me. He loves me so much that He is BLESSING me by even letting me have this job so I can earn money, and I'm going to Spain on my mission! In a few months!

Me with my mission call! I promise I was excited it was just I had gotten home from being at work all day on a Saturday!

I got my call on July 12, 2014! So excited to serve and to be FULFILLED! The people of the Barcelona Spain mission better watch out!! I CAN'T WAIT!! I know I will feel fulfilled because I'll be doing the Lord's work and there's nothing more fulfilling than that!

I am forever grateful for the Sisters that serve in our area. THEY ARE AWESOME! For letting me come and teach with them and for answering all my questions about missions and for being dear friends.

Me and Tyler. Our basic faces.

A turtle I was pet sitting. So cute. Such camera quality on my iPhone 3G. Fab.

(and no these pics were not taken all on the same day, I just love that new white shirt!!)

Hmm what else have I been up to lately??

Oh yeah the Fort Lauderdale temple opened! Can't wait to get my endowments!

We went to Legoland last weekend!! Upon arrival I realized that we were the oldest family there by a LOT. HAHA! 

We EMBRACED IT! Man we are so cool.

Yeah buddy.

Me about to save NYC.

The force is strong with my Birkenstocks.

Best part about Legoland?! Granny's Apple Fries! Nice and hot with caramel dipping sauce and whipped cream! SO GOOD!

Oh yeah. I bought a ukulele.

It's a beauty. I got it in June. 


So this is me! Just soaking up family time and getting ready for my mission! Life really is good!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I got the job!

I had my really big interview yesterday for the telemarketing job that pays really good and I got offered the job! Even though I have no retail experience, no sales experience and have never worked a real job before, except for the week I did waitressing at the seafood restaurant! God is good!

I really really prayed for this job and that I would say the right things in the interview and come across as someone they need. I really put my best foot forward. I'm so happy! This job pays super well and it's full time so I'll get lots of hours. I am technically still employed at the seafood restaurant. The restaurant has been slower than what they were expecting for this time of year, so they told me and another new girl that they were going to let us go temporarily until business picks up again. Who knows if they will call me back in though? They said they would but you never know with that kind of thing. I hope they do, because I really liked working there, it was super fun and it paid extremely well, surprisingly! I could do the telemarketing during the day, and waitressing in the evenings. Phew!

I've been home from my first semester of college for 3 weeks now. Time has flown by. The most important thing about me being home was getting that telemarketing job, so now that I have that taken care of, and I don't start til the beginning of next month, I can kind of relax a little bit.

My near future is kind of fuzzy. There's about three different routes I could take and it's going to be interesting to see which one God leads me to. All of them would be good, I just need to figure out which one is best for me right now. I'm so grateful for the power of prayer and the Spirit.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Singer Lorde has acne

I have dealt with mildly severe acne all of my teenage life. It can be very lonely. I just watched this interview on YouTube of Lorde. If you look at her cheek you can see some very prominent acne. 

I suddenly have so much respect for her. I know what it's like to have acne like she does. I find it very comforting for some reason to see that she has acne.

There are some internet comments of people criticizing her skin. I think that's a very low blow. People with acne have low self esteem as it is. 

Thank you, Lorde. For proving to me that acne doesn't have to keep me from following my dreams. And that I shouldn't be ashamed of it.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

First Day Of Work

AHHH! I got a job!! eek! Like this is so awesome!! I am so grateful for Heavenly Father. He truly does  watch out for me and he knows me and takes care of me if I have faith and obey. I  went to 15 places today inquiring about a job and the very last place I went, they invited me to come back at 5 that night to try me out as a waitress! I was so nervous at first, but then it turned into excitement! I had so much fun! Sean was teaching me. One of the very first things was beer and wine, and I was just okay I guess! It was weird but he was really nice even though I was really bad and slow and kept messing up. I was learning how to do cash register, serving soup, wiping tables, washing glasses, I poured beer and wine, delivered food to  tables, cleaned tables, wiped tables,mopped the floor, vacuumed, cleaned bathroom. It was awesome. At the end of the night Dad came in and it was kind of awkward but they told him I'd be done in 15 minutes so yeah. Then Albert handed me some cash, $28,so I got paid $7 an hour which is good. Then After helping Danae with soda fountain Albert said I could go so I asked Sean what time he wanted me to come in tomorrow and he said 10:30 (an hour before opening, I think) so that he could train me! Yay! So I have a job! i clocked out and in and everything and I think i overheard them saying that Roberta had "hired" me but they never told it to me to my face so I feel kind of weird about that,not being told if I'm working there or not. But I take the fact that I'm going back tomorrow as a good sign! I'm so tired! I went and talked to Emily she made me a hat and then I came home talked to dad about my crazy awesome day and then took a shower and now I'm on the computer and I need to read my scriptures and go to sleep. It's 1:02 am. Ugh.