Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Wet Wonderland

Woke up this morning to cloudy skies. Not the prettiest day, but perfect biking weather!

I rode around our neighborhood for 90 minutes and managed 14.5 miles for my longest ride yet! Towards the end of my ride, the sun came out from hiding and it go oh-so hot and sunny.

I went down some unfamiliar streets and ended up getting lost a few times but that's all part of the fun! It's always nice to be back home in familiar crossings, though!

Florida weather is bipolar. So, the sun has hid again and the rain came out to play. Mr. Rain brought his friends, Thunder and Lightning, and boy did they have a party!

We knew the storm was really close because immediately after a lightning strike the thunder hit. The thunder was the loudest and scariest I've ever heard, it shook our whole house!

My favorite part of a rain downpour is all the beautiful sights afterwards. While things are slowing down and it's still sprinkling a little bit. Everything is more vivid, brighter and cleaner after a rain storm.

It was raining lightly when I took these photos. I had to be careful to not let my precious camera get all wet! I was constantly wiping off the rain drops from it with my shirt!

It's nice to have rain again. We were in a serious drought there for a while.

Monday, June 27, 2011

It started like this...

The boys were playing video games in our playroom when they came out and said "It smells like someone's cooking hot dogs! Are we having hot dogs?".

Nobody was making hot dogs.

Um. What?

So we laughed it off.

Then our whole house started smelling like burning hot dogs.

We opened the front door and went outside to investigate. There was smoke everywhere!

"A fire! There must be a fire somewhere!".

Me and Jared rushed as fast as we could to the shed to grab our bikes! We rode around the neighborhood to find where the smoke was coming from.

We rode up to the canal.

Nothing. Just more smoke.

You can't tell from the photos, but there was smoke everywhere, it was scorching hot out and we couldn't pin point where the smoke was coming from. So weird.

We were hot and tired so we headed home.

When we got home, Dad had just got back from talking to the neighbors who said that there was a huge fire caused by lightning 6 miles away and that's where all the smoke was coming from!

It hadn't rained for, like, ever and it was so dry! So we prayed for rain and today we got some.

The end. :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Birthday Boy

The birthday boy.

Every single birthday in this house is celebrated with a breakfast of donuts. Count the candles.

He's getting so big! Per request of the birthday boy, I made chocolate cupcakes for later in the evening.

We went to a local water park with slides, diving boards and a lazy river. I didn't take my camera for fear of it getting wet and/or stolen.

The boys went swimming today and I took the chance to get some good photos.

At first, they hated that I came out with my camera.

But once I told them I'd take jump shots, it became a game. Here's the "ninja".

The "ninja-in-meditation".

Oh, to have brothers.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

fresh start

it's officially summer!

i  feel so incredibly joyful when a new day, week, month, year or season begins. i guess it's because they symbolize new experiences and a fresh start.

this summer is not a laid back one for me. i am finishing up two online high school classes. biology and algebra  II, yuck. i am having the hardest time sitting down and accomplishing the assignments that i need to do! my brain does not want to do anything related to math or science when there are flowers to tend to, our pool to splash in and muffins to be baked!

i really need to finish up the classes as quickly as possible so i can enjoy the rest of summer. that would be lovely.