Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bird Is The Word

Today I wandered out to the backyard with my camera in-hand and Chipper trotting up ahead of me.

Do you see me? 

Beautiful, vibrant red.

The intricacy of his feathers!

Favorite shot of the day. He was looking right at me, love his (her?) beautiful, orange beak. And the 'fro.

Lizard hunting.

Chipper's favorite activity.

An extremely fast and furious woodpecker. I love his red head and his amazing feathers.

Sweet little faces on these birds.

My blueberries-to-be!

To get all the photos of the birds, I was constantly hiding behind trees, being as still as possible, then waiting for them to flock to the bird feeder. I also got to use my camera's amazing zoom. 


  1. hey there! so i just found your blog, via carlotta's blog...& i'm now following. i love your simple style & your pictures.

    have a lovely day!

  2. Cute blog!! :)I love your pictures

  3. The photos of the birds are amazing!