Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Proud To Be American

Me and Mom started out Independence Day with another loooong bike ride. The night before, we were planning how long we'd go and Mom said she wanted to do six miles. Well, we ended up doing 14! I love biking but, man, 14 miles is a long ways on a bike!

Plus it was really hot out and I hadn't eaten anything yet so towards the end I was feeling lightheaded. When we finally biked home I didn't waste anytime making a smoothie.

1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder, spinach, ice and some milk.

A cold smoothie is so delicious after a hot bike ride. I immediately felt better.

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for our friends, the Johnson's, to come over for our Independence Day celebration. We cleaned up the house, prepped the mashed potatoes, I made and refrigerated my peanut butter pie, showered and then we went to Sam's Club to pick up the food for our get-together.

Sam's was packed! We picked up bratwursts, buns, fresh berries, grapes, peanut m&m's, chocolate chips, flour, lemon juice for lemonade, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt. Yum.

The Johnson's came and we ate. Everything was so good. I am a vegetarian so I made myself a salad with cottage cheese and berries on top.

For dessert I made chocolate chip cookies and brought out the peanut butter pie that I had made earlier. The peanut butter pie was a failure. It was way too sweet and was mushy - peanut butter pudding with an Oreo crust, if you will. I was so embarrassed that it didn't turn out! Now I feel like I need to redeem my baking skills.

We watched "America" which is a series of episodes all about the founding of our country. It was really great to watch and remember the men and women who put their lives on the line so that we can have the freedoms and rights that we have today. It's easy to forget and take for granted the enormous sacrifice of those who got our country started.

What's the Fourth Of July without fireworks? We didn't make it to the baseball game, but we still got a fabulous fireworks show put off by our rowdy redneck neighbors. We set up lawn chairs in the front yard and watched our neighbors light them in the middle of the street, run away, and then watch them rocket up into the sky and then explode. It was fun, except for the merciless mosquitoes that were not effected by our bug spray. Oh and Chipper was going crazy. Poor little dog. He sat on my lap but he just was dying to run over to the fireworks!

I've been feeling really bad about my photos. My point and shoot is not reliable and so limited. Sometimes the photos turn out decent but usually they don't. I really am dying to get a fancy-shmancy DSLR. Photography is something I want to pursue and get better at, so the high price tag would be worth it.

I have been thinking about it though, and even if I do get a DSLR, I'm not going to suddenly become an amazing photographer. And I bet a lot of people would say that the talent is in the person, not the camera. So I'm going to keep using my point and shoot, get better and learn with it and then maybe one day I will get a DSLR.

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