Friday, July 8, 2011

What A Day

My mom woke me up this morning with a question. Did I want to go watch the final space shuttle launch?

Of course I did! The launch pad at Cape Canaveral is just a few hours drive from us. We packed up snacks and water and hit the road. 

My mom is spontaneous like that.

We were running late [of course]. The shuttle was going to launch at 11:26am and we didn't even park and get out of our van until 11:09am!

Turns out we had a mile (or more) walk until we got to the coast, where we would see the shuttle go off. 

We walked as fast as we could, which wasn't fast enough.

We walked in the hot sun toward the coast for what seemed like miles and miles.

We kept walking and walking and walking. Sweaty. Hot. Humid.

We checked our phones, it was 11:26! The shuttle should be going up! We weren't at the shore yet, so we didn't see the shuttle launch from the pad. But, we heard a rolling boom.

Up above us, we saw it! For about five seconds.

Then it disappeared into the clouds and we didn't see it again. 

We had hoped we would be closer, but oh well. It was still really neat to see.

We walked the long walk back to our car. Where we guzzled down Vitamin Water, Chewy granola bars and grapes. Then we decided to head to Downtown Disney, just an hour more drive.

We stopped at Popeye's (a chicken restaurant) to eat and right next to us in the Drive-Through lane we saw a whole family of chickens!

So adorable. The vibrant colors and patters on their feathers. Beautiful. 

What were these chickens doing hanging around a fast food chicken joint? Not smart, chickens. Not smart.

I whispered to them that I was on their side, that I am a vegetarian. Popeye's had no yummy-looking vegetarian entrees, so I didn't get anything. You're welcome, chickens. 

We neared Orlando and just guess what we came upon.

Huge, unwelcoming, gray clouds.

Then it rained. Really hard. We didn't exactly want to tromp around Downtown Disney in the rain.

So we turned around and went home.

What a day.


  1. I love how you tell a story with the picture's. Because picture books are awesome and your day sounded like a lot of fun -- I heard about the space shuttle last-time-thing on the news. So it's cool that you got to see it! I'm Emii, by the way -- love your blog!:)

  2. I'm so jealous you got to go! At least you got a photo!