Monday, August 8, 2011

Bunnies And Happiness

Today was not all bunnies, sunshine and happiness.

I managed to sleep through BOTH of my alarms that were set for 6am.

[How did I NOT hear them?]

So there went my plan for a sun rise bike ride.

Story of my life.

Instead, Chipper woke me up, like he does everyday, at precisely 7:40am.

All the glass windows were fogged up. Humidity - I don't love you.

I could not get motivated to finish my Algebra 2 Segment 1 Practice Test. Online school is bad and good. Good, as in you can take as loooooooong as you want to take the test. Bad, as in I take too long and take too many "breaks" and beforeI know it I'm just sick of staring at it. It was a practice test, so my grade didn't count anyway, so I -don't kill me- bubbled in answers randomly for the last half of the test.

Sometime after lunch, Chipper started hacking and I found a pile of his vomit on the carpet. That's lovely isn't it? Well, yours truly had to clean it up. I somehow need to teach him to CHEW his food and not inhale it then swallow it whole. I'm just not sure how to go about doing that.

So many important things are looming in the future. Since I decided to go back to high school, about a million and one more things need to be figured out. Will I be doing Dual Enrollment? Should I forget Dual Enrollment all together and just do AP? Should I finish Algebra 2 online, or take it at the high school? Should I take Art so that I can take Photography next year? Should I even go back to high school? Should I get a job and keep doing homeschool?

*insert headache, tears and peanut butter here*

And then I had some Biology to finish. And should probably do more. But, ugh, I really don't want to.

I'll leave you with this photo I took last week of a bunny in our yard.

Bunnies equal sunshine and happiness, and we all know I could use some of that right now.


  1. Quite the stressful time, I see. Well, on the bright side, you just got a new follower, who happens to have the same name as you! (;

  2. Seems like you had a "wonderful" day ;) i really enjoyed reading your blog and am now a new follower :) i found your blog through Kayla! :)


  3. OoOoO~did you switch Kayla? OR did you already have this blog? hehe anyway, HI! have a beautiful day~~