Monday, August 29, 2011

Evil English Instructor

I survived my first week of high school!

The night before school started I was a complete stress-fest. I wanted so badly to back out and not go.  But that would just be silly. I can't hide from things that scare me.

I packed my backpack, my lunch. That night I dreamt of an evil English instructor who expected us, on the first day of school, to read a whole novel that we had written over the summer, to the class.

[like Chipper's haircut?]

Turns out though, that my English teacher is awesome. I really like him.

My new high school is so huge. I was overwhelmed and totally lost on the first day. I have a whopping total of four friends on the whole 2,600 student campus. I have one class with one of my friends, so that's good. But other than that, everyone in my classes is total strangers to me. It doesn't help that we're all juniors only they have been going to this school since freshmen year, unlike me.

[i love this tree in front of my neighbor's yard.]

The hardest thing for me has been realizing that I need to just talk to people. I am really shy and  like to stay in my comfort zone and not talk to anybody new, but how am I supposed to make friends if I don't talk? I've been trying really hard to get out of my comfort zone and talk to everybody and anybody I sit next to in class, at lunch or on the bus and I am slowly making friends.

I am so lucky to be taking great classes this year. I am taking Photography 1 and it's AWESOME. We each made our own camera obscuras out of a shoe box (something I've seen before and have been wanting to do)!

I am taking my first AP class, U.S. History.  My teacher is great and I love history, so it's going to be fun. Despite what I have heard AP doesn't seem too bad...yet.

I have already missed the bus in the morning 3 times.  Mom is not amused nor appreciative that she has to take me to school.

[Branden. eww. just eww.]

I have been waking up at 5am. Ick. Way too early for this night owl. It's weird to wake up when it's still pitch black out, but I secretly like being up and at 'em before the rest of the family.

I have been trying to see all the students at school as people. Children of God I haven't been judgmental and it's been amazing how much love I have for everybody.

All the strangers I squeeze past in the over crowded hallways. Even though I don't know them, we all have a common purpose, a common goal.

When I was at home schooling, I never realized that there were lots of other teenagers going through the same things I was and it's actually really comforting. We all have different personalities and ways we deal with things and I am coming to love the diversity of us all.

Middle school was rough and it seemed like everybody was competing against each other.

Being mean was popular and being obnoxious was in. But what I've realized in high school is that we all accept each other for who we are. Everyone's there because they want to be there and are trying to be the best they can be.


  1. Aha, if I had to catch the bus, I'd miss it, too! As it is, I'm always the last into the car. :P

    In my class, it feels like nothing has changed. Maybe because we're such a small school -- I kinda envy your 2000 students -- but it seems like we never really grow up. I'm just trying to love everyone and not play silly games...
    Oh, I've always been the shy one. But, funnily enough, I love meeting and talking to new people -- it's weird, if I'm out of my comfort zone -- without my old friends around -- I have a blast. But something about friends.. I know you're supposed to be yourself, but does it ever feel like after awhile, with some of them -- well, they think they know everything and don't appreciate you for who you are?

    Wow, this has been kinda long -- but great for me to get it all out aha! So thanks for this post!:D

  2. Glad you are settling in at your new school, Kayla. It seems like your classes are great and everyone is really nice. I noticed the same thing - in middle school there was a lot of gossip and drama but once you hit high school everyone seems to chill out a bit. Thank goodness!
    I start school again on Thursday. I can't wait! :)

  3. Your brothers are so cute. :) Sometimes I wish I had brothers. But I think I have enough to handle with just my sister! ;) I love that you are enjoying your Photography class! I wish I could take something like that! :D