Monday, August 1, 2011

too stressed to think of a title

I am under  M A J O R  stress right now.

I have exactly 22 days to finish the second semester of both high school online Biology and Algebra 2.

22 days? Yeah....

But! Instead of being doubtful I have decided that I'm just going to put all my energy, thoughts and brain power into my school work. I mean, I have ALL day to do schoolwork. It's not like I'm doing anything else at all this summer.

I'm not going to think about anything else until I'm done with those classes because I reaaaallly don't want to have to worry about them anymore.

You see, I've been home schooled, taking online classes since 8th grade, so for three years now.

And I am sick-of-it. I am so done with it all. I hate sitting on a computer all day. Sure, it's been nice while it lasted and I get a lot more freedom but I am craving a real teacher, a real classroom setting. Plus, it's been extremely worse lately since both of my parents are working now and I'm home by myself. All. Day. Long.

That's why I signed up to go to high school. Just out of the blue. Just like that. I've never been to highschool, but how bad can it be? Surely it'll be loads better than middle school.....?


  1. I believe in you Kayla! You can do it! I know you can! And yes, out of all of the grades which it's best to homeschool is middle school. Elementary School and High School are all right, but Middle School is just a pain. I can get you with wanting the real teacher and with your parents not home much, it must be hard. My mom is a stay at home right now, so I have that teacher with me. I hope you enjoy your big change! :)

  2. Wow. I've gone to "regular school" all my life and have always thought that homeschooling was easier and less stressful. I guess I was wrong though! I can't wait to hear about your experience in a "live" high school. You'll be fine, Kayla! I know it! :)