Friday, October 28, 2011

College. Eek.

The field trip to the University Of Florida was so fun.  But now I'm even more confused about what college I want to go to!

Brigham Young University: Everybody's a member of the church. Student wards. Temples and church buildings on every corner. Mountains. My favorite state.  Return missionaries everywhere you look....:)


University Of Florida: close to home and family, Bright Futures Scholarship.

I loved the feel of UF. Brick buildings, rich history, comfortable atmosphere. It was really nice.

BYU is like that too. I have dreamed of going to BYU my whole life.

Both are hard to get into. But if I don't get into BYU-Provo I will most likely get into BYU-Idaho which would be fine. I might not even get into University Of Florida.

It's so weird that I'll be applying for college this time next year. Gah. I can't get over it.

Branden got a new toy. A light saber.

It changes colors.

When it's purple, he's Mace Windu.

Red and he's Darth Maul.

This is what happened when I left the shutter open for 15 seconds:


Today there's no school!

I made Halloween cards for Grandma, Grandpa, my cousins and aunts and uncles.

While I listened to Michael Buble (Holiday) Pandora Station.

Now I need to go clean something. Do something productive.


  1. Both of those colleges sound great! I'm not looking forward to the college application process... making big decisions like that is stressful. But whichever one you choose you will love!

    And also, you are so pretty! I love your smile :)

  2. both colleges sound like good fits for you! but i would say not to worry about it for now and just apply everywhere! once the results are in, a really calm feeling will come over you and you'll know where to go. promise!
    xo TJ

  3. I say BYU because then we can finally meet, in real life (:

  4. Oh my gosh, I love those photgraphs of the light sabers!!! Star Wars is AMAZING!

    I personally want to go to BYU-I. I just got an acceptance email, so I'm working towards that (BYU-Hawaii would be nice too). Go where the Lord wants you to go. :)

  5. I vote BYU though that's probably not a surprise. :) haha, I want to meet you! And then we'd live like, 5 minutes away from each other! University of Florida does seem like a good school too though. And honestly BYU tends to be VERY marriage oriented so that's kind of annoying sometimes when we're still so young. (Unless you're looking to get married next year of course. Then BYU is definitely the way to go!)
    I love your Halloween cards by the way. So cute.