Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jared

Happy 9th Birthday, Jared! You little bundle of crazy!

You're always the one brother that wants to have fun with me and is always willing to let me take pictures of you!

I slaved away in the kitchen for hours making your cake shaped like a giant Lego. I'm sorry it wasn't red. The frosting, even after dumping a whole bottle of red food coloring, would not turn red!

I know you didn't care much, and I'm really glad you're so laid back about those kinds of things.

It looked like you and all your friends were seriously injuring each other with those "light sabers". But upon further examination (you hitting me as hard as you could with one), I realized that the pool noodles don't hurt one bit!

Happy Birthday you little Lego-obsessed, Jedi.

And I can't believe you're nine! I remember when I was nine!

You make me feel old.


  1. ooh...I love the donut cake!

  2. Fun! I love birthdays (:
    Did you get my reply to your email?
    I just never heard back from you!

  3. Happy birthday! My sister turned nine this year too. Do come and follow my blog.