Sunday, November 27, 2011

'Tis The Season

Now that Thanksgiving is over, 'tis the season to watch Christmas movies!

I am such an annoying Christmas die hard.

I start listening to Christmas music before Halloween's even over. I know the lyrics, by heart, to every single Christmas song that comes on the radio or Pandora. I die a little inside of happiness when the Christmas music starts playing on the radio, this year it was last week.

And I watch Christmas movies all December long.

If you love Christmas as much as I do, you have probably seen most of these, but if you haven't, I highly reccomend you watch these Christmas movies. They're my absolute favorite.

Mr. Krueger's Christmas: Makes me cry every single time. Such a sweet and touching story. And one of the best reminders of what Christmas is really all about.

Miracle On 34th Street: Beautiful film because it has the sweetest old man as Santa and the sweetest little girl ever. Top favorite. My favorite part is when Santa uses Sign Language to talk to a deaf girl who comes and sits on his lap. So sweet.

The Santa Clause: I love Tim Allen. I think he's one of my favorite actors, I couldn't tell you why though, I just like him. This movie is so magical and cute. I love when he gains weight and tells his coworkers it's a bee sting and then at lunch orders a bunch of dessert and they're like, "riiiiiight". Oh and when he keeps shaving his beard but it comes back!


The Polar Express: We love the music in this movie and I love the adventure this movie takes you on.

It's A Wonderful Life: Best movie ever. Long movie but it's like "Christmas Carol" in that 3 ghosts come to him and show him what life would have been like. I really like it.

Booky & The Secret Santa: This is definitely one you haven't heard of. I found it on Netflix and it's about a girl in Depression-era in Canada and her dad loses his job and it's just an overall adorable movie about the middle class and upper class conflicts and I love it.

Elf: I know you've seen this and well it's just too funny and great to not be a Christmas favorite.

Christmas Story: You probably haven't heard of this one. It was originally done in Finnish so the English version is voiced over, but you can't tell really. It's a sweet, inspiring movie about Kris Kringle growing up and how he made and delivered toys and it's not "magic" it's what he actually did.

Now that Christmas movies are taken care of, it's time to get my bake on.

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