Friday, August 9, 2013

10 Random Things

1. I danced ballet for seven years, until I tried out for my middle school's soccer team and did that instead. Now I don't do either, so there you have it.

2. I've never lived in a state with all four seasons. (that I can remember, I was too little when we lived in Utah and Oklahoma)

3. Top five places I want to visit : New York City, Ireland, London, Australia, Paris

4. I love movies and TV shows from or based on the 1920s to 1960s.

5. I want to work at DisneyWorld. The last time I was there, I cried when I was leaving.

6. My favorite superheroes are Spiderman and Superman. I love their nerdy alter egos, Clark and Peter. 

7. In five years, I want to be living in a place where I can travel by walking, bike riding or by public transportation and not need my own car.

8. I'm related to Princess Diana. She's my ever-so-great aunt on my mom's side. So technically the new prince is my cousin. :) 

9. It freaks me out how accurate my horoscope is. I mean I'm not superstitious and all that, but it really is so true!!

10. I've always been self conscious about my eyes but they're a feature I get complimented on often.

I took this from Hannah.


  1. I like Superman and Spider-Man too! I really enjoyed the new Superman movie, Man of Steel.

    My favorite super hero is Captain America. I like how virtuous he is!

    1. I love Captain America too, can't wait for the second movie!