Thursday, September 26, 2013


my roommates are seriously the best.

i love them so much.

i love it here.

college is awesome.

classes aren't too difficult yet. but i bet my schedule is just about to explode with due dates and projects and tests! eek!

we went and took photos at the rick's gardens here on campus. the best part is, my roomies had as much fun as i did!! love them!!

living here on my own is an adventure! yes, i have 5 fabulous roommates, but i'm still very much on my own.

my humble room:

on my first day here on campus, the day before move in day, a faculty member stopped me and introduced herself. she was very sweet and asked me what i was most apprehensive about. i told her being far from family. she told me to pray for a kindred spirit. and i had been and did. and i can tell you that all of my roommates are my kindred spirits, it's amazing and a huge blessing. it's crazy how much we are all alike and how well we get along.

i'm so grateful for the late nights chatting, sprawled out on the couches with our laptops, listening to music on youtube.

eating and making lunch together in this tiny kitchen. pasta roni. talking about boys. our fhe dad. walking to walmart and then to broulim's. making cookies and doorbell ditching them. late night, cold, walk to the temple, talking. walking to church. going to stake choir practice. "what does the fox say?!" laughing so hard that our stomachs hurt. feeling like we've known each other for years, but this is our second week!

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Tonight I was feeling a little bit lonely and sad. Yes, I love my roommates and they're my best friends.  It's hard being in a new place. It's a Friday night and I had been studying all afternoon. I really wanted to get out of the apartment. I kept seeing guys picking up girls for dates in their cars out my window that sees out into the parking lot. At dusk I headed out on a walk. I walked all the way up the hill to the Rexburg temple. I could see the mountains in the distance and the city beneath me. It was beautiful. It started getting dark. I walked down streets I am not familiar with. The campus is beautiful at night and so peaceful. I walked all the way back down the hill to Sammy's where there was a very loud concert going on, then I walked back up through campus, through the gardens to the temple again. Then I walked back home. I really needed that time to be alone and ponder and think. I needed to clear my head.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Embarrassing Moments at BYU Idaho

On my very first day here, I lost the key to my apartment! I was driving myself crazy looking for it! I was so mad and embarrassed that I had lost it after only having it for 2 hours! I looked everywhere. We moved shelves, drawers, I retraced my steps. Finally, I walked down to management and she said I'd have to wait until Monday to pay for a new one, it was Friday afternoon!

After shopping at Walmart for some shtuff, I had to call my roommate and make sure she was home so she could let me in! Then that night, at orientation, they reported a missing key which reminded me of my lost key, and I told one of my roommates who was next to me, who I hadn't talked to a whole lot yet, that I had lost my key. She said that she had found one on her bed earlier! So yeah.

Saying goodbye to Mom and Holly was hard. It's only just now starting to settle in that I'm actually here, with no family or anyone. Just me.

Before anything that happens at BYU Idaho, a prayer is offered. Even the talent show and the meeting I just had with my roommates to talk about chores! It's pretty great.

Me and my five roommates walked to church today. I had been looking forward to it and it was really really nice. I felt like the talks, all three of them, were especially prepared for me, they were exactly what I needed to hear.

I got to Relief Society early and the president, which is a student (weird!), asked the few girls that were sitting already if anyone played piano. Nobody raised their hand so I did, kind of sheepishly. She told me the topic of the lesson and I picked out two hymns to play. I was so scared! I started playing prelude music as the sisters walked in. My hands were shaking and it was a really nice piano (I'm used to my keyboard, which is full size 88 keys, but isn't the same), so my fingers kept messing up the notes, on songs that I knew how to play perfectly! I messed up quite a few times as I was playing. I even forgot to play the 4th verse of Come Follow Me, I stopped at three!! I know! So stupid!!! So everyone was waiting for me to play and I never did and then I looked behind me at the chorister and I realized but by then it was too late, everyone laughed and the president just said to stop there, it's fine. I wanted to die.

So after that we had a prayer and then we did introductions. So I was still shook up about messing up on the piano that when it was my turn all I said was where I'm from and that I'm happy to be here. While everyone else told like their hobbies, interest, major, how many semesters they've done etc. So now I come across as not only a bad piano player but super boring. Cool.

I'm sitting here in my room that I share with my roommate, and out my window I see lots of students walking around. I face a parking lot and can also see a sidewalk and the steps to another housing area on the other side of the street. There's always guys driving into the parking lot and going to see the girls and they're like all laughing and talking on the balconies in front of their rooms and I'm sitting here alone in my room.

So yeah. Tomorrow is the first day of classes and I'm sure I'll have a few stories to tell. I'm excited though!

Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm Here!

The BYU Idaho apple orchard is gorgeous!

Today was my first day in Rexburg. We walked around campus. I knew we just had to visit the apple orchard.

It was so peaceful and nice.

We took advantage of our beautiful surroundings and had a little photo shoot. It was awesome because the temple is right there too.

My Aunt Holly is the best. She drove us and has been so much fun on this little trip!

Here I am at BYU Idaho after we ate lunch at the Crossroads, the food court.

It is so crazy to finally be here! I have been looking forward to this for so long! Campus is beautiful, the bookstore is awesome, the people are super friendly and nice. When we were lost and trying to find our way, people were so nice. It's such a small town, too, it's very quaint and sweet though. It has everything a college student would need. And the temple is up on a hill and you can see it from pretty much anywhere in town since it's nice and hilly here. It's so great! I've never lived somewhere populated by pretty much all mormons, it's totally crazy!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Have The Bestest Friends!

It was so sad saying good bye to my friends last night. I won't see them until Christmas.

How blessed I have been to have such wonderful friends!

I first met Emily when I was 11. I had just moved into the ward and I was super quiet. She somehow got over to my house, I sure didn't invite her, and we swam in my pool. She did most (all?) of the talking. She told me her spirit animal was an otter and she explained to me how people's personalities can be matched with a color according to this book her brother told her about and that she's a yellow and I'm a white. That first time in the pool together has been followed by many many visits to my house for swimming. We also would play on my brand new Dance Dance Revolution game.

Here we are at last year's stake youth ice skating activity.

Emily introduced me to Austin when we were 13. But I really got to know him when he started seminary with us. It's funny, I didn't know Austin hardly at all, and the first few months of seminary, he thought I didn't like him! Apparently I always shot him looks that made him feel like he was annoying me! Haha, I had no idea, and that wasn't the case at all! When I started going to Emily and Austin's high school my Junior year, Austin would sit with me at lunch and we'd have grand conversations.

Who are these fools?! This was when Emily had just turned 16, Austin took her on her first date and I tagged along with my friend.

I will never forget me and Austin's silly way that we can read each other's minds during seminary. And all the silly looks I would give him or he would give me when Sister Lehman wasn't looking. Or that one time on the bus to a choir concert where we didn't talk out loud for a whole hour and a half! We used our hands and mouthing the words, and had whole conversations, and it was fun and hilarious! The people around us, like Emily, thought we were cray cray, they were right!

Austin is an amazing singer and actor. He was Aladdin in the school musical last year! I went to watch and I am completely amazed by his talents. I could never get up on a stage and act like that in front of so many people!

We sang a quartet with a non member friend of ours at seminary graduation. I was soprano, Emily was alto, Austin was tenor and Christian was bass. Breana is on the right. She always says that she is not a singer but she's always here for moral support.

I miss sitting at school lunch with Austin. I can tell him anything and vice versa.

Here we are at last year's Halloween dance. He might want to eat Minnie Mouse for dinner.

Me and Emily at the beach Summer 2012:

I will forever be grateful to Emily. She is the most understanding, kind, funny, outgoing, happy person I've ever known. She's an optimist when I'm not and she always sees the best in me when I want to see the worst. She is a hugger and I never was, until I met Emily, she's converted me and now I love hugging friends!

Me and Emily at the beach 2010:

Me and Emily at the beach, summer 2013:

We like the beach. :)

Emily's mom was my seminary teacher for all four years! Here they are before we went to Mormon Prom 2013.

Aren't they beautiful? That orange dress used to be sleeveless! Sister Lehman is an amazing seamstress. She not only added sleeves onto the dress, but those ruffles and pleating in the front! She also helped me with my dress. The neck line was super low, so she altered it to make it higher. It was perfect!

We had the silly idea to carry Austin for the picture. He did NOT want to, but I begged. This picture was taken right before I dropped him! Oops!

Emily's to the left of me in this picture from Girl's Camp 2010! We were babies!

Today, they have just started their senior year of high school and I am off to college. They are the big guns on campus and I'm back to being the fresh meat!!

Even though I will see my friends when I'm off track for college, things will never quite be the same.  I won't be at seminary or eating school lunch, I won't be spending hours after school at choir practice, getting all dressed up for choir and then riding the bus together to the event, and I miss it.

I'm so grateful for the memories we made, though. We've all promised each other that we will write each other on our missions and attend each other's weddings :) But before that, I have promised to text and call while I'm away!

And I'm so excited to see them with their cap and gowns at their graduation! It will come quick! I've been begging them, and maybe they will join me at BYU Idaho next year? :)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Bush

We had a visitor in our backyard. A strong little turtle, to be exact. We'd never seen one by our house like this.

He made his way from the back to the front yard and walked down the driveway to the forest. I think we terrorized him without meaning to. He was going really fast to get away from us. (I think that's a goldeny strand of my hair that got in front of the lens...)

My dog likes to chase the cute little rabbits that eat the clover in our yard.

Last year my dad found a bunch of baby bunnies while he was mowing, he almost ran over them!

I usually don't let him chase them, but he got away from me since I had the camera in my hand. You can see his leash still attached to him as he scampers off after that fuzzy cotton tail!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Peter Pan wished me a Happy Birthday!

My mom took me to Disney World yesterday!

She asked me Sunday night what I wanted to do for my birthday coming up this week and I said jokingly, "go to Disney World?" I was totally kidding, it was the only thing I could think of that I wanted to do.

Well turns out there were some Disney dollars from the Disney credit card and it was enough for us to both go with leftover money for getting delicious food! My farfetched wish turned into a dream come true!

So since yesterday was Labor Day and she had the day of from work, we went! It was so last minute. Tyler was like jealous and stuff and said so how come all of the sudden you two get to go to Disney?

We left at 6am and and drove til we got to Magic Kingdom at 8am. Poor mommy drove the whole way while I slept with my big fuzzy blue blanket and pillow in the passenger seat. We got there so early we even got to see the gate opening ceremony of the park with all of the characters! It was a beautiful sight.

We got to eat lunch at the brand spankin' new Be Our Guest restaurant. They had electronic menus with touch screens. We split the quinoa salad and vegetable quiche and both were so good! You go sit at your table under the chandeliers with your red button thing, and then a waiter with your order appears minutes later with a cute trolley. It was like magic.

The lines were awesome yesterday! We didn't even have to wait for Space Mountain, we just walked right on and through the usual queue space. It had been 4 years since I'd been on that ride, and I think they updated it a little, like the sounds were different. I don't know, maybe not.

We were walking through Fantasyland and who do I see? Peter Pan and Wendy speed walking right on by. Luckily I had my camera on and at the ready. Peter saw me trying to take his picture right as he cruised past me and made a silly face. Then he saw my birthday pin and wished me a happy birthday. Peter Pan wished me a happy birthday! It made me so giddy!

I took a risk bringing along my fancy shmancy 50mm 1.8 lens. It's a prime lens so it doesn't zoom, but the pictures come out tack sharp and it does wonders in low light so I brought it instead of the kit 18-55 lens. I was missing the zoom especially for shots of the castle, but if I were to do it again I would still bring the 50mm, it's tack sharp images can't be beat!

Pretty much every single cast member wished me a Happy Birthday, one even offered the greeting using my name, it was so fun and so special! Haha, I don't know why but I loved it!

It was so cool watching through the window in the Confectionery as they made these huge $10 Mickey caramel apples. We talked with the ladies making them. They were all so sweet. I told them that I want to work and make them someday and they all said to try and apply for the Disney College Program. I have been looking at the college program for a few months now, and I hope I can get in!

We went on pretty much everything we wanted to. We stayed away from the teacups, because mom didn't want to get sick, and Splash Mountain was closed, but pretty much everything else we got to ride. I felt like a little kid waiting to go on the Pooh Bear ride with all the toddlers, what can I say, I'm a huge Winnie the Pooh lover! I really loved the Carousel Of Progress, I feel like it's a really cool attraction that is really under appreciated.

I had another character sighting right by the castle. The wicked stepsisters and mother were gallavanting my, looking quite perplexed, as always, but moving quite quick like Peter Pan and Wendy were. Luckily again, I had my camera at the ready and snapped a quick picture. It was too funny, the stepmother saw me and said, "did you get my hair? you must have got my hair, I look fabulous," as she was poofing it with her hands.

The two crowning events of the night, the Celebrate The Magic castle projection show and the Wishes  Fireworks show, completely blew me away. It is so amazing to me that they can project images on the castle so seamlessly and beautifully, and the castle wasn't even originally designed for a show like that! They included many of the new movies into the show, like Wreck It Ralph, Tangled, Princess And The Frog and Up. Well, new to me. This was my first time going to Disney after seeing those movies.

I bought Minnie ears so that I can dress up like Minnie for Halloween. We bought some yummy goodies in the Confectionery, including one of those huge caramel apples that we had been eyeing before. But we saved it to share with everyone at home. They have these huge, soft delicious cookies. I got the peanut butter one and it was soo good.

It was a really hot and humid day. We were so glad that we didn't need to use the ponchos that I had been lugging around all day, if we hadn't brought them, we would've needed them! We had so much fun buying delicious, cold treats to keep ourselves cooled off. We had chocolate covered frozen bananas earlier in the morning and then in the late afternoon we had frozen lemonade that we enjoyed while we waited in the hot and humid line for Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Belle's new area of the park has a cute new attraction. I don't want to give it all away, in case you've never been there, but you get to meet Belle and it's the sweetest thing ever!

It was totally fun watching the parade. I absolutely love Disney World. All the costumes and dancing is so precise and perfect, it's magical. The fact that cars can't even drive to the Magic Kingdom, that you need to take the ferry or monorail, makes it seem like it is it's own private world.

The Pirates of The Caribbean ride had a lot more meaning to me now that I've seen the first movie and loved it. I absolutely love Jack Sparrow's character. And it was so cool, Jack Sparrow was doing a show right by the ride! I loved it! It was really well done. Obviously it wasn't Johnny Depp, but it very well seemed like it was!

Me and mom were so exhausted by sunset. Our feet were aching, I couldn't stand one second longer. So we grabbed a bench in Main Street and chilled for 2 hours. We had already done everything we wanted. It was really peaceful just sitting in Disney without having to rush to the next ride and clambering to get to our Fast Pass on time. It was so cool, watching people walk by with their families and all the crew members. The Halloween decorations were all up, lots of jack-o-lanterns decorated Main Street and when the lights came on at dusk the whole park turned into a dazzling, glittering wonderland.

We stayed for the Electric Light Parade, immediately followed by the castle projection show and the fireworks. Our whole day at Disney totaled to 14 hours! Crazy! I had the best time. It was my turn to drive home. It was hard keeping my contact-ridden eyes open on the two hour drive back home. I listened to the radio and amazing, lots of my favorite sing-along songs came on. That made the drive so much easier. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my 18th birthday! And well, tomorrow's the actual day I turn 18! And I leave for college 3 days after that! Eek!