Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Have The Bestest Friends!

It was so sad saying good bye to my friends last night. I won't see them until Christmas.

How blessed I have been to have such wonderful friends!

I first met Emily when I was 11. I had just moved into the ward and I was super quiet. She somehow got over to my house, I sure didn't invite her, and we swam in my pool. She did most (all?) of the talking. She told me her spirit animal was an otter and she explained to me how people's personalities can be matched with a color according to this book her brother told her about and that she's a yellow and I'm a white. That first time in the pool together has been followed by many many visits to my house for swimming. We also would play on my brand new Dance Dance Revolution game.

Here we are at last year's stake youth ice skating activity.

Emily introduced me to Austin when we were 13. But I really got to know him when he started seminary with us. It's funny, I didn't know Austin hardly at all, and the first few months of seminary, he thought I didn't like him! Apparently I always shot him looks that made him feel like he was annoying me! Haha, I had no idea, and that wasn't the case at all! When I started going to Emily and Austin's high school my Junior year, Austin would sit with me at lunch and we'd have grand conversations.

Who are these fools?! This was when Emily had just turned 16, Austin took her on her first date and I tagged along with my friend.

I will never forget me and Austin's silly way that we can read each other's minds during seminary. And all the silly looks I would give him or he would give me when Sister Lehman wasn't looking. Or that one time on the bus to a choir concert where we didn't talk out loud for a whole hour and a half! We used our hands and mouthing the words, and had whole conversations, and it was fun and hilarious! The people around us, like Emily, thought we were cray cray, they were right!

Austin is an amazing singer and actor. He was Aladdin in the school musical last year! I went to watch and I am completely amazed by his talents. I could never get up on a stage and act like that in front of so many people!

We sang a quartet with a non member friend of ours at seminary graduation. I was soprano, Emily was alto, Austin was tenor and Christian was bass. Breana is on the right. She always says that she is not a singer but she's always here for moral support.

I miss sitting at school lunch with Austin. I can tell him anything and vice versa.

Here we are at last year's Halloween dance. He might want to eat Minnie Mouse for dinner.

Me and Emily at the beach Summer 2012:

I will forever be grateful to Emily. She is the most understanding, kind, funny, outgoing, happy person I've ever known. She's an optimist when I'm not and she always sees the best in me when I want to see the worst. She is a hugger and I never was, until I met Emily, she's converted me and now I love hugging friends!

Me and Emily at the beach 2010:

Me and Emily at the beach, summer 2013:

We like the beach. :)

Emily's mom was my seminary teacher for all four years! Here they are before we went to Mormon Prom 2013.

Aren't they beautiful? That orange dress used to be sleeveless! Sister Lehman is an amazing seamstress. She not only added sleeves onto the dress, but those ruffles and pleating in the front! She also helped me with my dress. The neck line was super low, so she altered it to make it higher. It was perfect!

We had the silly idea to carry Austin for the picture. He did NOT want to, but I begged. This picture was taken right before I dropped him! Oops!

Emily's to the left of me in this picture from Girl's Camp 2010! We were babies!

Today, they have just started their senior year of high school and I am off to college. They are the big guns on campus and I'm back to being the fresh meat!!

Even though I will see my friends when I'm off track for college, things will never quite be the same.  I won't be at seminary or eating school lunch, I won't be spending hours after school at choir practice, getting all dressed up for choir and then riding the bus together to the event, and I miss it.

I'm so grateful for the memories we made, though. We've all promised each other that we will write each other on our missions and attend each other's weddings :) But before that, I have promised to text and call while I'm away!

And I'm so excited to see them with their cap and gowns at their graduation! It will come quick! I've been begging them, and maybe they will join me at BYU Idaho next year? :)

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  1. I love this post so much! You are awesome!

    I hope you will have a wonderful school year, and yes, I hope your friends can join you there next year! :)