Thursday, September 26, 2013


my roommates are seriously the best.

i love them so much.

i love it here.

college is awesome.

classes aren't too difficult yet. but i bet my schedule is just about to explode with due dates and projects and tests! eek!

we went and took photos at the rick's gardens here on campus. the best part is, my roomies had as much fun as i did!! love them!!

living here on my own is an adventure! yes, i have 5 fabulous roommates, but i'm still very much on my own.

my humble room:

on my first day here on campus, the day before move in day, a faculty member stopped me and introduced herself. she was very sweet and asked me what i was most apprehensive about. i told her being far from family. she told me to pray for a kindred spirit. and i had been and did. and i can tell you that all of my roommates are my kindred spirits, it's amazing and a huge blessing. it's crazy how much we are all alike and how well we get along.

i'm so grateful for the late nights chatting, sprawled out on the couches with our laptops, listening to music on youtube.

eating and making lunch together in this tiny kitchen. pasta roni. talking about boys. our fhe dad. walking to walmart and then to broulim's. making cookies and doorbell ditching them. late night, cold, walk to the temple, talking. walking to church. going to stake choir practice. "what does the fox say?!" laughing so hard that our stomachs hurt. feeling like we've known each other for years, but this is our second week!

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