Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Bush

We had a visitor in our backyard. A strong little turtle, to be exact. We'd never seen one by our house like this.

He made his way from the back to the front yard and walked down the driveway to the forest. I think we terrorized him without meaning to. He was going really fast to get away from us. (I think that's a goldeny strand of my hair that got in front of the lens...)

My dog likes to chase the cute little rabbits that eat the clover in our yard.

Last year my dad found a bunch of baby bunnies while he was mowing, he almost ran over them!

I usually don't let him chase them, but he got away from me since I had the camera in my hand. You can see his leash still attached to him as he scampers off after that fuzzy cotton tail!

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