Saturday, September 21, 2013


Tonight I was feeling a little bit lonely and sad. Yes, I love my roommates and they're my best friends.  It's hard being in a new place. It's a Friday night and I had been studying all afternoon. I really wanted to get out of the apartment. I kept seeing guys picking up girls for dates in their cars out my window that sees out into the parking lot. At dusk I headed out on a walk. I walked all the way up the hill to the Rexburg temple. I could see the mountains in the distance and the city beneath me. It was beautiful. It started getting dark. I walked down streets I am not familiar with. The campus is beautiful at night and so peaceful. I walked all the way back down the hill to Sammy's where there was a very loud concert going on, then I walked back up through campus, through the gardens to the temple again. Then I walked back home. I really needed that time to be alone and ponder and think. I needed to clear my head.

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