Saturday, December 28, 2013

First Day Of Work

AHHH! I got a job!! eek! Like this is so awesome!! I am so grateful for Heavenly Father. He truly does  watch out for me and he knows me and takes care of me if I have faith and obey. I  went to 15 places today inquiring about a job and the very last place I went, they invited me to come back at 5 that night to try me out as a waitress! I was so nervous at first, but then it turned into excitement! I had so much fun! Sean was teaching me. One of the very first things was beer and wine, and I was just okay I guess! It was weird but he was really nice even though I was really bad and slow and kept messing up. I was learning how to do cash register, serving soup, wiping tables, washing glasses, I poured beer and wine, delivered food to  tables, cleaned tables, wiped tables,mopped the floor, vacuumed, cleaned bathroom. It was awesome. At the end of the night Dad came in and it was kind of awkward but they told him I'd be done in 15 minutes so yeah. Then Albert handed me some cash, $28,so I got paid $7 an hour which is good. Then After helping Danae with soda fountain Albert said I could go so I asked Sean what time he wanted me to come in tomorrow and he said 10:30 (an hour before opening, I think) so that he could train me! Yay! So I have a job! i clocked out and in and everything and I think i overheard them saying that Roberta had "hired" me but they never told it to me to my face so I feel kind of weird about that,not being told if I'm working there or not. But I take the fact that I'm going back tomorrow as a good sign! I'm so tired! I went and talked to Emily she made me a hat and then I came home talked to dad about my crazy awesome day and then took a shower and now I'm on the computer and I need to read my scriptures and go to sleep. It's 1:02 am. Ugh.

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