Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snowball fight!

It's snowing and this time there's lots of it!! Well this is the most we've had this semester.

So I'm just sitting in the apartment watching Duck Dynasty (best show ever), and Austin says "Kayla don't look outside." So I did. And I ran to put my flip flops on and snowflakes are falling and shining in the street lights!

When my friends got back from seeing Catching Fire, and then Travis came over, we had a snowball fight! It was the most fun I've had since being here I think!

We kept dodging between the parked cars and hitting each other, it was the best. Also me and Travis were wearing our glasses and they got all wet and foggy from the cold so it was hard to see!! Haha!

It was almost midnight and we were in the parking lot yelling and squealing and running and accidentally hitting people's cars and windows. Oops.

We were soaked and our hands were freezing when we came back inside! I love the snow! It's so beautiful!

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